Course & Mentoring

The CHD six-month personal and business development course we run, is derived from a proven system created to advance an individuals personal and social awareness, thus forming a strong authentic identity beyond social labels, resulting in higher levels of self-esteem, confidence, and well-being.

Split into three modules of Change, Development and Masters, it firstly addresses issues of negative social conditioning and personal identification, that are prevalent in modern society, followed by developing advanced creative thought and problem solving skills suitable for any business or personal application.

The foundations of the course are drawn from various disciplines including psychology, physiology, philosophy, human dynamics, entrepreneurial thinking, as well as communication and empathetic understanding. The program is unique in the world of personal development, and suitable for anyone wishing to realise their potential in business, relationships or simply as an human being.

Through encouraging our students to apply the progressive principles they learn within three months, through an in-house mentoring program, results are crystallised into the individuals behaviour and become permanent. This also provides our sponsors with the opportunity to benefit from a closed-ended system of wealth creation, parallel to the earning and learning cycle of their sponsee; in effect, creating a unique and highly rewarding alternative to add any small investors portfolio. (Sponsorship in our students averages from 7-75,000 dollars, with a targeted 10% return per month for ten months).

Overall, the program was created to address global human threats of climate change, nuclear war, and terror acts, by developing high levels of social responsibility, connectivity and community administration, away from the destructive, distant and disempowering effects of ever move intrusive and nameless centralised government.

Through giving people the power to determine their own fate, by following five laws of limitless human development, our mission is to elevate human thinking in line with Maslow’s ladder of human needs, leading to personal and social actualisation.  CHD recognises as a race, we are at a point in human development when our relationship with Ai and each-other with determine our future prosperity, if not survival as a race.

The five laws of the limitless:

  • Limitless Understanding
  • Limitless Knowledge
  • Limitless Creativity
  • Limitless Thought
  • Limitless Potential

For those who see the value and impact these five principles give, either sponsorship, training or both will yield a meaning and a purpose that transcends where we are as a society as of the moment, into a future where equality and equal opportunity abounds; where the limits of the individual are only bound by their expectations and their desires to enjoy life to the full.


The problem we address:


The solution we provide: