Have you ever thought about making money from who you are, what you know and how you think? Probably not. Few people are aware of their potential, but if you’ve ever thought there was more to you—more meaning and purpose, or maybe you’ve suffered from a lack of self confidence, stress, or low self esteem issues, then the chances are there really is more to you than meets the eye.

The fact is, if you’re one of only 2% of the population who are independent enough to develop a strong authentic self identity, beyond what’s considered the social norm, you can manifest a considerable living from the opportunities this change in mindset affords.

Put it like this, we are all born with wonderful imaginations, but society conditions us into left brain thinking throughout our upbringing, education and employment. Subsequently, we often find ourselves identified by social labels that simply don’t fit… a bit like a square peg in a round hole. Symptoms of suppressed potential include… stress, frustration, unhappiness at work, a difficulty fitting in, possibly leading to depression and anxiety. As you will appreciate, many self destructive behaviours may result—such as addictions, escapism, weight gain, weight loss, or a low immune system, to mention but a few.

In existential terms, these symptoms mean our personal identification is derived from a negative ‘bad faith’ as a social identity— something that is external and transient—thus, it is not founded in our core authenticity as an individual, or in line with our life purpose.

For example, if you’re a dentist and you hate being a dentist, your experience of life will not be coming from an energetic place of inner value. So as a result, as with so many people in the workplace, it’s going to be very unpleasant living a lie every day of the week for 40-50 years, and nor will it lead to a longer life… regardless of the financial benefits.

However, developing your authentic core identity in line with a strong sense of self, moves your thinking from the limits of left brain conformity, towards limitless right brain creativity. In other words, your mind becomes free to think expansively, create at will, and benefit from more energy.

The result is an immediate sense of freedom, a strong self confidence and high self esteem. This in turn creates new opportunities that will give your life meaning and purpose in line with your individual destiny. The CHD mentored program, helps you through this transformation process and trains you how to mentor others, whilst also giving you the opportunity to immediately derive a considerable income from being the authentic you; using what you now know, as well as the freedom with which you can now think—to inspire and guide other people as they engage on the same journey.

Your path to freedom becomes your life story, your unique asset, and this becomes the source of your future wealth as a motivational trade of wisdom and insight.

Why so few people can do this, is simply because many are not aware they are actually unhappy—they don’t think beyond their needs, and others are just very good at being the false identity that society labels them with. They are often ego led, with a inauthentic self love. This means their relationships and their careers are usually founded on an ignorance of who they are and what they are doing to others, as well as how limitless their potential really is. Fundamentally, they are not aware enough to ask questions or invest in the quality of their thinking.

The programs principles.

Generally we consider ourselves as miners of ‘Mindgold’… the limitless, expansive, creative right brain thinking ‘potential’, that exists within all human beings.

Our recruitment and selection department selects applications from individuals whose thinking is moving from Maslow’s first four deficit needs of:

  1. Survival (food etc)
  2. Shelter (property and possessions)
  3. Sharing ( relationship and family)
  4. Showing (achievement and ego).

Into questioning and creating.

Generally, people who are seeking status and validation from social position and what other people think, are not going to be interested in developing their own potential or the potential of others. They have a ‘me focus’ rather than an ‘us mentality’. We are constantly looking for people who identify themselves by who they can be, not by what they have been.

For those who either self fund or apply for full or partial sponsorship, they begin a blended six-month home-study, mentored, online course, to become what we call a CHD ‘miner’, someone who understands and has experienced part of the process of self actualisation, and are aware of the principles of how to mine creativity from other people’s minds.

Within the CHD program, each miner forms part of what we call a ‘secure permanent block chain’ of consciousness, 21 individuals earning a passive and live income from mining new apprentice miners on our program. Miners, are individuals who have actualised and become a part of the council itself, thus we are continuously developing a progressive community of social responsibility and human development; ultimately working together to solve the biggest equation we all face, how to unify humanity so we can positively influence the incredible changes we will all imminently be experiencing on a global stage.

Three Stage Program

Founded originally on principles similar to that of mining a crypto currency within a secure block chain, CHD ‘miners’ are trained to solve Maslow’s self actualisation equation—moving a person from deficit subconscious need based thinking, to expansive creativity and awareness. Thus transforming their lives and the lives of others in areas of health, wealth and wisdom, as well as love. This process is carried out by the ‘miners’ guiding individuals who would like to develop their consciousness and thus their creative potential (mindgold), through a transformational process of three distinct parts based on and off line.

Firstly, moving the individual’s personal identification away from the ‘bad faith’ of a transient social identity, supported by adopted, restrictive beliefs and values, towards an authentic core identity, in line with a strong meaning and purpose, as well as expansive thinking.

Secondly, moving the individual from limited logical left brain dominance—symptomatic of conformity and thought suppression, into the right brain’s limitless, intuitive, insightful, problem-solving and creative potential. Thus creating self and social actualisation.

Thirdly, reprogramming the individual’s negative language and thought patterns—that program the subconscious and create
their perceived reality—towards positive and progressive affirmations. Thus manifesting new opportunities and outcomes.

‘Mindgold’ is the creativity that exists within all human-beings, seen initially in the behaviour of children in their early years, but then conditioned out of the mind by social dictates, including peer, parental, educational, and employment influences.

‘Mindgold’, once mined, allows the individual to develop a solid identity within a block chain (a series of miners who have each self actualised, thus forming a permanent group/ environment of higher consciousness), and subsequently mine sponsees who are sponsored by private investors, to create new miners who form another block in the chain of compound influence and awareness. Consequently, we create very strong and cohesive community, benefiting from ‘green-housing’ creativity.

Using the sharing principle, there are no profits, just a division of invested income initially through a maximum total of 21 miners in a block chain. However, as further block chains are mined, so does the investment required to train miners, thus giving additional returns.

To find out more, please register for information as a sponsor or sponsee.