What is Neuroplastic mental acceleration & how can it help your business

What is Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration & how can it help your business?

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Unlike all other personal development programs, educational systems and business training initiatives, our focus is on expanding the bandwidth and neuroplasticity of the brain – the fluid intelligence, rather than simply gaining new information (crystalized intelligence) and trying to remember it within one’s current frequency of thought.

Most Leadership & Management and coaching programs are based around taking an already overloaded and stressed mind, and introducing more information. It’s like asking a 16 bit computer to run a 64 bit program. The outcome isn’t t especially good, resulting in toxic stress which causes brain damage.

But when you upgrade the brain’s capacity through working with the neuroplasticity first, then you get the results you want, and far beyond your expectations. Greater critical, innovative, creative and strategic thinking. De-stressed and able to cope with considerably greater work-loads and problem-solving.

The problem with conventional education and work-placed training, is it is all convergent thinking in focus, with little problem-solving or creativity, which over time reduces the brain’s capacity for innovation, agility and flexibility, a loss of fluid intelligence.

Consequently, a huge need for certainty grows with a corresponding resistance to and fear of change; which compounds the problem to a point of deep insecurity, where the individual’s thinking is forced into the stem of the brain, the oldest part that is aggressive and defensive, two characteristics that are not conducive to growth — and certainly not flexible enough for the future of work.

Our systems are designed to address this fundamental floor in our approach to our thinking within the current social system.

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
Attributed by
Albert Einstein

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