How we work

How we work

Firstly, we assess your potential, the potential of your recruits, your current staff, and those you may intend to let go, for high levels of PQ – potential quota, which reveals who you should invest into for growth as well as determining if your management style is innovation friendly or not. Our assessments reveal if the brain’s neuroplasticity is flexible as of the moment and whether the individual has the capacity to develop in terms of greater innovation, creative problem-solving, critical thought, empathic understanding and co-creative abilities. These are the agile staff you want to have on your team, as well as the foundations or your leaderhip focus.

With Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration, the speed of thought, thought to verbalisation, communication, confidence and creativity increase dramatically, as does strategic thought and agility, through entering on demand into gamma and theta brain waves, as well as flow state through hemispheric synchronisation.

There is a massive difference in capability and capacity from someone who has undergone this form of training, which also increases a sense of calm and wellbeing, rather than the damaging toxic stress which is common place in highly demanding work environments.

We can arrange a presentation and demonstration of this at your convenience, and show how this will change the culture of your organisation to a very progressive and positive workplace, full of great ideas, innovation and futuristic thinking.

Council For Human Development, Kern Frost

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