Senior Executives

Council For Human Development, Kern Frost

Senior Executives

If you are a decision-maker or someone who recognises the impact automation & AI will have on the workplace, you will know that having a sustainable Career B plan as an exit strategy — using your current skills, is a fundamental requirement for your own future and the future of those in your charge. We can provide you with the structure, the training and the platform to build a lucrative six figure income to secure that sustainable future you deserve – for you and your family, in the new training industry of mental acceleration and agility…within the corporate world, yet working flexibly from anywhere in the world.

Change can be good, if you are in good company, and if you plan for change in good time.

NOW is that time.

CHD, the first choice for front runners.

Council For Human Development, Automation

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Innovation Recruitment

Recruiting is an expensive endeavour, that requires the best possible assessment techniques to ensure the expense is warranted by the level of experience and expertise, as well as the levels of fluid intelligence — the fundamental aspect of agile and adaptive thinking necessary for the challenges of the future.

If your recruitment process doesn’t have a full understanding of neuroscience with regard to potential quota, then to put it bluntly, you are simply wasting your time and your money. The smart move and the agile move, is to have a consultation that will build you A team, rather than be a hope for the best recruitment exercise.

Innovation Culture Change

The world is changing rapidly, and technology is a powerful exponentially growing aspect within the workplace. Yet it’s people too who have masses of latent potential, latent potential that is being overlooked by conventional L& M training and management consultancies.

If you could increase the levels of creative problem solving, motivation and productivity of your team, literally overnight, how would that affect your business? “Innovation culture change” can achieve these goals, by using Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration to redesign the way staff think about themselves, their abilities, their capabilities, and their limitations. It’s a powerful tool to wield, and in the right hands perhaps the most impactful corporate resource ever made available to leaders.

Innovation Outplacement

When you have to let people go, for consolidation or for automation, giving loyal staff the best possible opportunity for their next step, is an investment that is perhaps the most rewarding in a career.

Our assessments ensure that you are not letting go valuable potential that can make a powerful contribution to your organisation, but for those you do have to part company with, then we can provide a unique opportunity that will give sustainable work in the new expanding industry of Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration. An industry where human potential, and the future of work is the foundation of everything we do.

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