World Leader Program

Conscious World Leader Program

12 months training, coaching and mentoring, in a live-fire leadership position after three months foundation training.

If you already have an established impressive track record in achievement in the entrepreneurial, corporate, political, entertainment or NGO sectors, and would like to develop your skills beyond your peers to be able to lead leaders, this program is designed for you.

Taking four key aspects of consciousness and calibrating levels in yourself and others, you will learn how to master the subject so you can be aware of the full picture of your world, and influence from a strategic level that is currently beyond your understanding to envision.

A truly enlightened leader can enter any forum or fray, and dominate from a position of serene wisdom that only comes from a shift in awareness in potential, empathy and spiritual quotas. Once a personal philosophical belief system has been established, that explains life, life before life, life after life, on a practical and arguable level, that encompasses known science, human existence, and futurism, from seven lenses, you will be in a unique and very rare position of a higher level of consciousness on a symbiotic, linguistic and Neuroplastic plain.

Council For Human Development

To accomplish this:


You will be taught holistic Polymathic thinking, which allows you to view a problem or issue through seven lenses, not one egoistic position of the inauthentic unconsciously adopted social identity.


You will master your emotions through applying a mental process that will allow you to maintain increasing levels of situational composure and strategic awareness the more pressure is applied.


You will be able to assess a person’s level of consciousness and adapt your thought and communication to be most effective in influencing that person through critical and creative awareness.


You will be practiced in arguing a position from an intellectual and strategic level that will be superior to a top barrister and allow you to excel in every challenge.


You will be personally connected to your experiential wisdom bank and the universal field as a continual resource for innovation and inspiration to guide you to achieve your mission.


You will enter gamma and theta brain waves through living in states of hemispheric synchronisation and flow, that will leverage the unlimited capacity of your unconscious, to the intent of your conscious mind, in-line with your destiny path.

All great leaders of history, had a greater level of awareness than those they led. Access to a sixth sense. It’s just a question of how much awareness you want and are prepared to develop to achieve great things, over how much your egoistic identity traps you within an illusory island of certainty, progressively defeating you from within.

This program is designed for you to become – not just a world leader – but a leader of world leaders. To know the future and have the capacity to create a better place for humanity to thrive; through insight, wisdom and the power of destiny. It’s what sets conscious world leaders apart; over and above all other leadership programs based in the convergent mind, offering conventional training systems that do not focus on Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration, to release immense untapped potential.

To create a new world, you cannot use the thinking that created the old; it’s your thinking that you have to change — to create the necessary change, that is currently beyond your thinking.

Personal Training & Partner Opportunity

Whether it is for your personal development or your own career this life-changing training is for everyone who would like to develop their skills such as communication, confidence, entrepreneurial thinking, flow-state and creativity – the future skills every human needs to master.

3-month professional One-to-one training incl. 9 month mentoring and the option to join as Partner of The Council For Human Development (CHD) a worldwide operating Swiss NGO.

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