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The Council For Human Development


Our mission is to provide the latest “mindspace” training and development initiatives to corporations, executives, entrepreneurs, and influencers, to meet the challenges of the future of work.

We provide a range of advanced proprietary consultancy and innovation training programs based on neuroscience, psychology and social developemnt, to enhance selection, culture change, and outplacement opportunities in line with the fourth industrial revolution. We recognise ROI is primary for key decision makers and investing in people with immediate results is important to achieve maximum returns.

As an NGO at core, our focus is on partnering with organisations committed to recognising and developing the latent human potential within their workforce, using a focused scientific process, based on Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration (NMA). As such, we lead the field in this area, and we know from our extensive research & development, that if you’re not investing into the latent human potential of your staff right now or your own mind space — to develop the agile thinking you need to meet the challenges of the future, as an individual or organisation, you are definitely already way behind the curve.

The future is agile, critical, creative, empathetic, and co-creative; innovative thinking is the key – so, are you up to the challenge?

To find out more about how Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration can improve your productivity and profitability, contact us to arrange a demonstration.

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What you need to know
Council For Human Development

What is Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration & how can it help your business?

Most Leadership & Management and coaching programs are based around taking an already overloaded and stressed mind and introducing more information. It’s like asking a 16 bit computer to run a 64 bit program. The results aren’t especially good, resulting in toxic stress which causes brain damage. >> READ MORE 

Council For Human Development

Senior Executives

If you are a decision-maker or someone who recognises the impact automation & AI will have on the workplace, you will know that having a sustainable Career B plan as an exit strategy — using your current skills, is a fundamental requirement for your own future and the future of those in your charge. >> READ MORE

Council For Human Development

Our Background

With over fifteen years of individual and group research to find the best in people and how to release it, our programs are drawn from the work of the world’s greatest minds… from Socrates to Freud, Jung to Haanel, Hill to Maslow, combined with our own proprietary research, and as such we lead the way in developing neuroplastic mental acceleration. >> READ MORE

Council For Human Development Kern Frost

How we work

We assess your potential recruits, current staff, and those you may intend to let go, for high levels of PQ – potential quota, which reveals who you should invest into for growth. Our assessments reveal that the brain’s neuroplasticity is flexible and they have the capacity to develop in terms of greater innovation, creative problem-solving, critical thought, empathic understanding and co-creative abilities. These are the staff you want to have on your team. >> READ MORE

Our Panel Of International Experts

Doctor of Philosphy – PhD Physics | Harvard Business School | Forbes Business Council

PhD Genetics | CEO, Futurist and Author | Blockchain Research Institute | Healthcare and the Metaverse

Global Innovation and Growth Strategy | Stanford University | Harvard Business School

Agile & Lean Management | Organisational Leadership | Technology, Digitalisation & Innovation | Growth & Strategy

Council For Human Development

Isabelle Nüssli


Amazon #1 Bestselling Author | Corporate Governance | Blockchain & Crypto | Stanford University | Harvard Business School | University of St. Gallen

Business Development & Transformation | Accountancy & Finance | Strategy Consultant | Chartered Accountant

Strategic Change Leader | UN Women Taskforce | Bestselling Author | Cornell University | University of Cambridge

Kern Frost


Entrepreneur & Founder | Expert in Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration | Future of Work Consultant | Hypnosis & Therapy | Author

Council For Human Development

Alex Szomora


Angel Investor | Entrepreneur & CEO | FinTech, Blockchain & Crypto | NFT’s and the Metaverse | GTM Strategy | Alliance MBS

Rajinder Jhol


Change Catalyst | Tech Entrepreneur | Spiritual Advisor | I4ADA and UNESCO | Digitalisation & Governance | Author


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There is far too much pontification and procrastination from platitudes in the world, so this event is about rolling up our sleeves to deal with the real problems we face as a race TODAY. These events are not for the faint hearted but the conscious and aware leaders who are preparend to argue their position and put their beliefs to the test.