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Whether it is for your personal development, your own career or your business, this life-changing training is for everyone who would like to develop their skills such as communication, confidence, entrepreneurial thinking, flow-state and creativity – the future skills every human needs to master.

3-month professional One-to-one training incl. nine month mentoring and the option to join as Partner of The Council For Human Development (CHD) a worldwide operating Swiss NGO. There are three modules within the Training

Change means editing your thought and language patterns as we learn Mind-Mapping, so we optimise the way you think to be progressive and realistic — as well as free up more capacity by removing the need for limiting and regressive thought.

The key to growth, is uncovering your core identity, by teaching you to notice unconscious, limiting, selfprogramming patterns, in yourself and others. This is the original Pandora’s box, because once you start to become aware you cannot go back to not noticing — to return to ignorance. Subsequently, this awakening opens more and more questions, which is the third layer of consciousness that leads to increased confidence, communication, and creativity (You have a considerable release of brain power as a result, that makes life and making decisions easier — more in flow without validation needs).

Development is where we take what we’ve discussed and the new perspectives we’ve gained into real-life situations. This is a time to experiment and experience, as life becomes more of a playground as you develop your core sense of identity, in terms of what you do and don’t want; as well as the confidence to create the world you desire. Here you will become a better influencer and more of a strategic thinker, managing your emotional complexity and directing it to serve you — rather than the other way round.

The Masters is all about developing visionary thought so you can train others in the wisdom you’ve learned, and looking in detail at the subject of universal dynamics, based around your perspective of meaning, purpose and destiny at this new viewpoint. It’s impossible for you to conceive of the changes you will experience, as the band width/ resonate frequency you are currently using, is based around your current state of awareness. Masters is focused on the next 5-10 years of social global development, as environment is a key aspect of understanding behaviour. It’s also an understanding of the limitless nature of using your experiential life learning bank and accessing the quantum field.

Each module consists of 12 hours of one-to-one training sessions, 24/7 telephone and email support, written and video session summaries, supporting mind mapping video programs, and books on a variety of relevant life dynamics to challenge and agitate your thinking, so you become an agile thought leader.

The sessions are 3 hours each. Longer sessions develop focus as well as creativity, and create synapses more effectively. They can be online or in person.

At the trainer trainer level, the investment is £6’000 per module, and there is no obligation to progress to further modules. For advanced payment of all three modules together the cost is £15’000.


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