The COUNCIL FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT (CHD) is an open-sourced educational foundation, specifically for the training/development of human awareness and creativity, facilitated by private funding with high levels of financial return for the sponsorship of individuals on our programs… promoting social-wellbeing, personal growth and community responsibility.

Our mission is to invest in the development of people to enhance the quality of their thinking and consequently their lives–supported by technology, contrary to a world which is fast becoming a place where increasingly humans seem to be there just to support the growth of technology.

We aim to be the number one choice to work with—not for. Our shareholders are our people, as they are all equal sharers of the knowledge, wisdom and wealth we teach and create. Thus our success truly is your success.

We are unique in our thinking, and so are you. We value it, as much as we value you.




Sponsoring human development is one of the most rewarding and exciting things you will ever do.

To invest into another person’s potential … is a fundamental part of our core social behaviour as human beings… from our children, to our partners, to our friends, we love to see a positive impact on people… especially one that comes as a direct result of our input into their lives. In fact, who doesn’t like the idea of being somebody’s hero, saviour or inspiration.

The CHD program allows sponsors to not only gain a huge sense of personal pride in what they are doing, but they also get to share in the success… financially and personally, of those they supported and gave opportunity to.

There is no better way to give back to society and make a powerful difference to the future, than investing in human potential.




Opportunity is the life blood of success, however learning how to develop opportunity effectively is essential for personal and social progression.  We provide an earning and learning platform for individuals who can demonstrate their desire to achieve their full potential in life;  a structure where they can learn high levels of awareness in physical, emotional and spiritual intelligence, in order to develop an authentic personal identity, as well as coaching, mentoring, leadership and management skills.

Sponsee’s can be any age or background, however it is their ability to satisfy  three fundamental criteria that will attract a sponsor’s eye. These we call the three M’s : Mentality, Means and Motivation.

Raw talent comes in many shapes and sizes, but always defines itself by the choice of words and the actions taken by the individual. When these are progressive and creative, realising one’s potential is not far behind.

Our objective is to provide our sponsee’s with the opportunity, support and training to make an excellent income for really making a difference to people’s lives.

“Cometh the moment, cometh the man.”